April 29th - April 30th:  New Floor is being installed.

May 2nd - 6th:  Getting  ready to start teaching our out of the box style classes: Om & Yoga, Om & Sweat, Om & Barre, Om & SUP, Om & Aerial, Om & Flow, Om & Fit, Om & Restore, Om & Teens and more!

May 7th: Open for Business!

May 13th - 15th:  Basic & Advanced Aerial Training Sign Up

June 4th - 5th:  SUP Yoga Teacher Training Sign Up

June 11th:  Outdoor SUP Yoga Classes Begin 10am & 12:00pm ~ 5 Class Special Ends June 1st 2106  Sign Up

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We are now open for the business of yoga!

SUP Yoga

Powers Yoga is pleased to announce their new name OmFit and their new space in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

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We are pleased to announce Powers Yoga is now OmFit.  We are dedicated to bringing you the same "out of the box" yoga classes we are known for.  OmFit classes are geared to bring our clients to the absolute state of being mentally, physically and spiritually strong.  Check out ourclass schedule and our presale offers.  We look forward to seeing you on the mat, in a hammock or on a board!  Thank you & Namaste'.