Located in the tranquil and beautiful mountains of West Milford, NJ at 355 Warwick Turnpike next to Utopia Deli.  Participants can enjoy daily classes in Yoga, Aerial & Indoor & Outdoor SUP Yoga Classes.  Behind the studio is a natural fed pond where you may find us trying out our balance skills.

Located in Franklin Lakes behind Joe & Al's Luncheonette at 790 Court Street at the corner of Colonial Rd & Franklin Ave.  Participants can enjoy daily classes in Yoga, Aerial & Our Famous Outdoor & Indoor SUP Yoga.  If we aren't inside the studio you may find us trying out our balance skills on the water at Graydon Pool in Ridgewood, Monksville Reservoir in Ringwood, NJ and at several Lifetime Fitness Facilities throughout NY/NJ.

west Milford studio

franklin lakes studio


New Client Special

$49 One Month unlimited

The Powers Yoga Board will increases core stabilizer muscle, builds stamina, increases core strength, corrects alignment, improves balances, increases focus, builds muscle mass, increases bone density and flexibility, strengthens ligaments and works the entire endocrine system. One of the biggest road blocks of exercising is not having enough time. The board will take any yoga or fitness class and cut the workout time in half because the board increases the intensity of the workout. It can also be done in the privacy and convenience of your own home. The Yoga Board is an excellent piece of equipment for beginners as well as advanced participants as it is versatile and trains the whole body.