Don't Dream About Becoming a Yoga Teacher, Awaken & become. 

Our Mission

The mission of OmFit Studio is to create innovate yoga classes for the beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner.  OmFit classes are creative, challenging, and fun so whether your a beginner or an advanced practitioner you can find a class that suits your needs.


Andrea stepped into her first yoga studio in Santa Rosa, California.  She recalls the strong feeling of being uncomfortable at the studio, no one spoke to her and they took away her juice and sweat pants and replaced it with water and a pair of shorts. Then they rushed her into a small room filled with men and women of all ages and sizes. The only instruction given was to follow the teacher.  After doing only 2 poses Andrea’s body and mind began to shake uncontrollably so she fled the classroom feeling defeated. It was the first time in Andrea’s life that she had given up. The next day, Andrea awoke and felt this overwhelming need  to go back.   With an athlete attitude and mindset of; self motivation, training, and focus, Andrea was determined to train herself in yoga for she knew this is what her body needed. She trained daily working not just physically but mentally.  Andrea soon became a certified yoga instructor.

Powers always had an entrepreneurial mind, so combining her experience of yoga and her need to control her future, she opened up her first studio in Northern New Jersey. But still having the bad taste in her mouth about her first experience in that yoga studio all those years before, Powers made a promise to herself that her studios would be a place of inclusion, instruction, teaching and connecting all aspects of mind, body & spirit. She would combine her great passions of meditation, movement, and recovery into her business model.

Always one to see a need and then finding a way to fill it, she moved into the role of inventor. From her days in California, Powers saw surfing's benefits on the body, but  living on the East coast, surfing was limited to a few short months a year. She invented the OmSUP® (Stand Up Paddle) Board which simulates the feeling of being out on water so her participants could practice and train all winter long. Unable to find a cost effective manufacture, she then moved into manufacturing her own product.  Powers started marketing it around the United States to not only yoga studios, but fitness and sports rehabilitation centers.

Over the next ten years, Powers Yoga, became a successful studio and Andrea expanded into OmFit® Teacher Trainings.  With her leadership style and innovative mind she became a teacher to the teachers.  You can sign up for Andrea's innovative classes on our online schedule.

Change Your Perspective and Avoid False Views

Andrea Powers

Owner of OmFit®  & Inventor of the

OmSUP® Board aka Yoga Balance Board

Andrea Powers’ journey began when she started meditating at the age of 5.  Her connection to the energy that moves through the body and one’s ability to control it for both mental and physical balance was installed early in her life.  

Andrea is a natural  athlete. She began running at the age of 8 in the Junior Olympics and continued running in high school where she received scholarships to some of the top Colleges in New Jersey.  However, Powers decided to move into a more spiritual direction. She moved to California where she met yoga guru Yogi Bajan in 1992.  Yogi Bajan was very impressed by Andrea’s abilities to meditate and explained that it takes others 30 years to get into the depth of meditation where she, Andrea went in 3 hours.  Powers continued to run and meditate but after many years of pushing her body  Andrea hurt her back at the age of 27 and was told by the doctors  she should never run again.   As an athlete, this was devastating.  Since she wasn’t able to run Powers decided to seek out other forms of exercise in the hopes of healing her back.  Recovery then became her main focus.