The yoga board is the about the same dimensions as a yoga mat. The size of the board makes storage simple and takes up the same amount of space as a yoga mat or step used in step class. What makes this board special and unique is its ability to train and increase stability and balance and the core during the colder months on land. Each wooden board can hold up to 250 pounds and is covered by a yoga mat. The Powers Yoga Board will increase users’ core stabilizer muscle, build stamina, increase core strength, correct alignment, improve balances, increase focus, build muscle mass, increase bone density and flexibility, strengthen ligaments and work the entire endocrine system. To book a workshop email ormake a purchase.​​

Get Balanced in an unbalanced world 

Don't Dream About Becoming a Yoga Teacher, Awaken & become. 

Our Mission

The mission of OmFit Studio is to create innovate yoga classes for the beginner as well as the seasoned practitioner.  OmFit classes are creative, challenging, and fun so whether your a beginner or an advanced practitioner you can find a class that suits your needs.


Board Pricing: $199 (includes shipping)

Bulk and Leasing Options Available on 10 Boards or more. For more information on bulk and leasing email